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Trond Andresen


Trond Andresen


Trond Andresen
Telefon: 915 74 380
Mobil: 915 74 380
Avdeling: Gassteknologi
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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Documentation of an integrated thermal energy system for a building complex


In large buildings and building complexes, energy use can be reduced by efficient interaction between heating and cooling demands and thermal storage (short and long term storage). This work describes an integrated energy system in Norway which supplied several commercial and residential buildings w...

Forfattere Rohde Daniel Bantle Michael Andresen Trond Nord Natasa
År 2015
Type Konferanseartikkel/Bokkapittel

Heat recovery from export gas compression: Analyzing power cycles with detailed heat exchanger models


Offshore oil and gas production platforms release substantial amounts of heat to the sea. A major source of waste heat is the cooling unit for the compressed export gas. In this paper, the potential for power production from this heat source is analyzed. The emphasis was not only put on net power ou...

År 2013
Type Tidsskriftsartikkel
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