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Conference on Circular Economy

Conference on Circular Economy

Mo i Rana
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11/05/2017 16:00
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Circular economy will play a vital role for value creation and economic growth in the coming decades. As raw material supplies are uncertain, waste generation becomes more costly, and companies are expected to operate more and more sustainable, the winners of tomorrow will be the companies that create more value out of fewer resources through new business models, innovation and technological development.

Join this conference in the beautiful Arctic Circle City of Mo i Rana to understand how you can succeed in your business within the framework of circular economy, and how research and innovation can contribute! The conference will provide you with the background details you need to understand circular economy, and facilitate learning and experience transfer across sectors through examples of business and research as well as facilitated discussions.

On this conference, successful leaders in creating business through circular economy will attend and explain their experiences and recommendations on how you can succeed. Leading researchers will provide a holistic framework for this way of doing business, and explain how innovation and research can contribute in making better solutions in your company. Local actors will explain how Mo Industrial Park has succeeded through industrial symbioses and using waste as resources. In addition, important Norwegian governmental actors will describe how they may assist companies in realising their projects.



May 10

  • Part 1 – Creating a Vision for a Circular Future

  • Part 2 – Learning From the Biological Sphere

  • Part 3 – Successful Examples of Circular Economy in Technological Cycles

May 11

  • Part 4 – Industrial Symbiosis, Waste and By-products

  • Part 5 – Framing Conditions and the Role of Government

  • Part 6 – Roundtrip Mo Industrial Park


  • Alexandra Bech Gjørv, CEO at SINTEF

  • Nick Jeffries from Ellen MacArthur Foundation,

  • Owen Zachariasse from Delta Development Group / Zachariasse Consulting

  • Dr. Walter R. Stahel

  • Catia Cialani, Project manager & Senior Lecturer of Economics, Dalarna University

  • Casper Boks, Head of Department, Department of Design at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

  • Hilke Bos-Brouwers, Senior Scientist Sustainable Food Chains at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

  • Johannes Fjell Hojem , CEO at Biokraft AS

  • Maitri Thakur, SINTEF Ocean

  • Jan Gabor, Vice President Marketing at Mo Industrial Park

  • Ignacio Calleja, Thematic Officer for Circular Economy and Recycling at EIT Raw Materials

  • Anne Kvithyld, Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF Materials and Chemistry

  • Johan Söderqvist, Sustainability & Business Development Manager at Celsa Nordic

  • Stig Ervik, CEO at NORSIRK

  • Christine Frogner Brath, Senior Analyst in the Corporate Strategy and Analysis team of Norsk Hydro

  • Christine Tørklep, Norsk Gjenvinning

  • Oscar Gärdemann, EMarked Manager Industry – Enova SF

  • Claus Gladyszak, Innovation Norway

  • Gro Marthinsen, Senior Advisor at The Research Council of Norway

  • Lars Andreas Lunde, State Secretary, Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment

Welcome to Mo i Rana

Mo i Rana and the region of Nordland is a very interesting region when it comes to circular economy. The region is rich on minerals and clean hydropower, and hosts some of the cleanest process industries worldwide. With important industries such as fishery, aquaculture, process and mining industry present in the region, as well as large parts of their value chain, the region provides industries for the future, and a perfect playground for testing circular economy solutions.
The process industry present in the region, and especially Mo Industrial Park, has utilised principles of industrial symbiosis and circular economy for decades. Use of by-products, excess energy and process gas is performed on a large scale, ensuring efficient use of resources and providing clear examples on how to turn waste into value. There are also several examples of how equipment and machinery used in the process industry are delivered through circular business models. And the region is definitely looking for further improvements through research and innovation, technology development and collaboration across sectors.

Mo i Rana is situated just south of the Arctic Circle. In May you may experience beautiful light and an Arctic spring. Where else would it be better to have this conference?

Beautiful Rødøy, close to Mo i Rana. Photo: Terje Rakke / Nordic Life


Scandic Meyergården, Mo i Rana. Address: Fr. Nansensgt 28, 8622 Mo i Rana.

By train to Mo i Rana or by flight to Mo i Rana Airport.

Guided tours
The Program has more information about optional guided tours to the Grønli Marble Cave, the Arctic Circle Center and several more venues. 


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