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Christian Schøning


Christian Schøning


Christian Schøning
Telefon: 982 83 964
Mobil: 982 83 964
Avdeling: Industriell prosessteknologi
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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Cathode Refractory Materials for Aluminium Reduction Cells


The need for energy efficient long-life cathode designs have encouraged the development of new cathode lining refractories for aluminium reduction cells. The present paper gives an overview over refractory materials used in the aluminium industry. The performance of both traditional refractory linin...

Forfattere Schøning Christian Grande Tor Siljan Ole Jacob
År 2013
Type Konferanseartikkel/Bokkapittel

Chemical Degradation of Cathode Linings in Hall-H,roult Cells-An Autopsy Study of Three Spent Pot Linings


Cathode autopsies are used frequently in the aluminum industry to investigate pot failure and the degradation of the cathode lining. The materials observed in spent pot lining (SPL) has so far been assumed to reflect the sequence of layers from the cathode to the nonreacted refractory lining as pres...

Forfattere Tschöpe Kati Schøning Christian Rutlin Jørn Lone Grande Tor
År 2012
Type Tidsskriftsartikkel

Study of inexpensive oxygen carriers for chemical looping combustion


Norwegian industrial tailings and by-products, as well as naturally occurring minerals and ores have been surveyed with the purpose of identifying candidate oxygen carrier materials for use in a chemical looping combustion process. Nine materials, based on manganese and/or iron oxide, were selected ...

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