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Kolbjørn Zahlsen


Kolbjørn Zahlsen


Kolbjørn Zahlsen
Telefon: 986 93 199
Mobil: 986 93 199
Avdeling: Bioteknologi og nanomedisin
Kontorsted: Trondheim

Publikasjoner og ansvarsområder



Do recycled rubber tyres pose a risk for the marine environment? A chemical, physical and effects assessment


Globally, car tyres have been identified as one of the most significant sources of microplastic (MPs) particles to the environment. Due to the large production volumes and their persistent nature, the disposal of used tyres has also been a major challenge in waste management, making tyre recycling a...

År 2017
Type Konferansebidrag og faglig presentasjon

Photodegradation in natural waters of nitrosamines and nitramines derived from CO2 capture plant operation


Amine solvents used in post combustion CO2 capture (PCCC) plants react with NOx, forming carcinogenic nitrosamine and nitramine compounds. These can be emitted to the atmosphere, undergoing deposition to aquatic and terrestrial environments. In the current study, the hydrolytic and photolytic degrad...

År 2015
Type Tidsskriftspublikasjon
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