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Roger Khalil


Roger Khalil


Roger Khalil
Telefon: 402 31 550
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Avdeling: Termisk energi
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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Effect of Temperature and Duration of Torrefaction on the Thermal Behavior of Stem Wood, Bark, and Stump of Spruce


In this work the torrefaction of different parts of Norway spruce (stem wood, bark, and stump) was studied. Three different torrefaction temperatures were applied: 225, 275, and 300 °C with 30 and 60 minutes isothermal periods. The untreated and torrefied biomass materials were characterized by ther...

Forfattere Barta-Rajnai Eszter Wang Liang Sebestyén Zoltán Barta Zsolt Khalil Roger Skreiberg Øyvind #Grønli #Morten Gunnar Jakab Emma Czégény Zsuzsanna
År 2017
Type Tidsskriftsartikkel

Decentralized Production of Fischer-Tropsch biocrude via co-processing of woody biomass and wet organic waste in entrained flow gasification: techno-economic analysis


The present work addresses the techno-economics of the decentralized coproduction of Fischer-Tropsch biocrude and liquefied natural gas via thermochemical conversion of woody biomass and wet organic waste to syngas in an entrained flow gasification reactor. The process design considers thermal pretr...

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