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Rune Aarlien

Senior prosjektleder

Rune Aarlien

Senior prosjektleder

Rune Aarlien
Telefon: 930 08 902
Mobil: 930 08 902
Avdeling: Gassteknologi
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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BIGCCS Innovations – Measures to Accelerate CCS Deployment


After six years in operation, BIGCCS International Research Centre is in its final phase, and results are being produced at high speed. The ultimate goal for the BIGCCS centre is to contribute to the acceleration of deployment of CCS technologies. Therefore, the Centre has put considerable emphasis ...


BIGCCS Centre-supporting Large-Scale CCS Implementation


BIGCCS Centre is an international research centre for CCS as a climate mitigation measure supporting large scale deployment of CO2 capture, transport and storage by developing new knowledge, fostering breakthrough technology and promoting innovation and value creation at all steps along the CO2 chai...

År 2013
Type Tidsskriftsartikkel

Innovation in a heterogeneous CCS research centre, managerial and organizational challenges


Recently, the Norwegian authorities have established a number of Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (CEER), intended to develop new knowledge, foster breakthrough technology and promote innovation in order to solve specific challenges in the field of energy and environment. The expecta...


BIGCO2 R&D Platform – Objectives and Achievements


The BIGCO2 R&D (BIGCO2) Platform is an international collaborative research project aiming at developing several enabling technologies and innovative solutions supporting a large-scale deployment of CO2 capture from power generation and underground storage of CO2. All main routes for CO2 capture...

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