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Truls Flatberg


Truls Flatberg


Truls Flatberg
Telefon: 957 54 931
Mobil: 957 54 931
Avdeling: Arbeids- og næringsliv
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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BLOMST - An Optimization Model for the Bioenergy Supply Chain


In this chapter, we present a new model for optimal strategic and tactical planning of the bioenergy supply chain under uncertainty. We discuss specific challenges, characteristics and issues related to this type of model. The technological details, variability in supply and demand, and uncertainty ...

År 2015
Type Konferanseartikkel/Bokkapittel

Socio-Economical Optimal Pricing of Railroad Infrastructure (SOPJI) - Mathematical Model Formulation and Implementation


The project "Socio-Economic Optimal Pricing of Railroad Infrastructure" (SOPJI) developed an approach to support the process of granting access to railway infrastructure by way of scarcity tariffs. The idea can contribute to a more efficient utilization of existing and a clear identification of need...

År 2014
Type Rapport
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