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Ingeborg Graabak


Ingeborg Graabak


Ingeborg Graabak
Telefon: 905 95 007
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Avdeling: Energisystemer
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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Balancing needs and measures in the future West Central European power system with large shares of wind and solar resources


The future European power system will include large shares of variable wind and solar resources. This paper analyses the variability for the eHighway 2050 scenarios (from the EU 7th Framework project) by modelling wind and solar resources from the COSMO-EU model. It quantifies the variability for th...

År 2017
Type Konferanseartikkel/Bokkapittel

Optimal planning of the Nordic transmission system with 100% electric vehicle penetration of passenger cars by 2050


This paper presents the optimal planning of the Nordic backbone transmission system with 100% electric vehicle penetration of passenger cars by 2050. Electric vehicles will play an important role in the future energy systems and can reduce the greenhouse gas emission from the transport sector. Howev...

Forfattere Graabak Ingeborg Wu Qiuwei Warland Leif Liu Zhaoxi
År 2016
Type Tidsskriftsartikkel

Scenarios for large-scale balancing and storage from Norwegian hydropower - Scenario building process and scenario description for the HydroBalance project


Building scenarios for the utilisation of the hydro storage and pumped storage potential in Norway and for the provision of balancing and storage to the European electricity market was the first major step in the HydroBalance Project. The scenarios define the scope, boundary conditions and framework...

År 2015
Type Rapport
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