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Ranveig Kviseth Tinmannsvik


Ranveig Kviseth Tinmannsvik


Ranveig Kviseth Tinmannsvik
Telefon: 920 64 866
Mobil: 920 64 866
Avdeling: Sikkerhet og mobilitet
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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Learning from successful operations - opportunities, Challenges and a paradox


Learning from successful operations has received less attention than learning from accidents and near misses, both among practitioners and researchers. The article reports intermediate results from a project aimed at reducing this gap. We discuss (1) criteria to identify an operation as successful w...

Forfattere Rosness Ragnar Haavik Torgeir K Steiro Trygve Tinmannsvik Ranveig Kviseth
År 2016
Type Tidsskriftsartikkel

Towards a holistic approach for barrier management in the petroleum industry


The purpose of this report is to elaborate on and discuss important aspects and challenges related to barrier management during different lifecycle phases of an offshore or onshore facility. Challenges and recommendations are based on SINTEF's project experience, review of relevant documents, review...

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